Why choose Vilson audit services?

The experience of our partners in business and corporate governance allows us to focus the audit process on the most important strategic and financial issues of your company and optimize the time spent by your employees on less important matters.

Vilson audit costs

Audit of the annual report – starting from € 2,700, excluding VAT

Limited review of the annual report – starting at € 1,800, excluding VAT

The total costs depend on the specifics of the company's operations, the effectiveness of the internal control system established by the company's management and the complexity of the problems identified during the audit or inspection and the impact on the company's financial statements.

Vilson audit process

In accordance with the regulatory requirements, cooperation with customers is started or continued after the completion of the customer research and approval process.

The audit process usually takes at least 3 weeks if all the necessary information is available.

The limited review process will take at least 2 weeks if all the necessary information is available.

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